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Janie Jones
Mar 5, 1927 ~ Nov 19, 2010
Janie 1940s
Janie as a little girl
Janie Jones 2
Janie Jones
Dated March 5th
Dad as a Baby
Army Picture
Dad giving a speech
Hawaii 1969
Dad and Jay
Dad and Mary E
Family 2003
Family photo 1982
Fetterling Christmas 2000
Fetterling Family
Jay - November 1958
Jay 1978
Jay 1st Grade Sept 1964
Jay and Nancy
Jay in Airplane about 1978
John & Betty - Feb 1930
John & Janie - patio
John & Janie
John and Jay - June 1958
John Rogers 1963 Wichita Kansas
John Rogers April 22 1944
John Rogers Army Photo
John Rogers Feburary 12 1936
Kirt and Janie
Korea 1952
Kristen Fetterling 8th Grade
Mary E and Muffin
Mary Elizabeth School Photo
Mary Nancy Sarah 1989
Micheal and Ally
Mom move
Nancy Jay Mary E
Nancy School Photo
New Store Owners
Newlyweds In the Kitchen
Richardson 3 (about 1964)
Rogers Family 2003
Rogers Patio
Sarah Fetterling
Tajudin Family
Texas State Fair 1963
Allie Tajudin